Founded in 2021, The Dogwood is Blue Ridge’s newest hangout spot. Our goal is to provide you with a casual, fun, eclectic atmosphere along with top-notch food and drinks. The Dogwood is situated in the historic McKinney house in downtown Blue Ridge, just two doors down from the Black Sheep restaurant. Our mission is to provide families, couples, groups of friends, and more with a homegrown hangout right in the heart of town.

Brandon Lofton started The Dogwood with a particular concept in mind- a place people could go to let their hair down, have a casual night out, and spend quality time with the people they love most. Ideas began to form, such as the idea of providing cell phone cages for people to disconnect from technology for a while and really connect with their loved ones. The menu, a simple one containing ten items, would be comprised of huge portions designed for splitting and sharing. Everything about the Dogwood is designed to encourage connection and to make you feel at home. From the eclectic design to the giant 100-year old tree outside, we’re here to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Where to start at the Dogwood is up to you. You can start with a cold one from our bar, or start with one of our giant comfort food platters. Wherever you begin your evening, you can be sure it’ll be a great one.